freddie blooms they/them

Instagram: @freddieblooms

Antara Hogan she/her


Barbara Kaye Friend she/her 

From Houston (like Beyoncé), Barbara is a queer ace television writer by trade, a cake baker by choice, and a soccer player by birth. She is also a compulsive tooth brusher who still sleeps with a baby blanket. She looks forward to the day when art authentically reflects the world we live in across all creative platforms.

Twitter: @babsamiga


gabieplease she/they

Scholar, poet, dreamer, and the rest!

Instagram: @gabieplease

Twitter: @gabieplease


Gregoria Rosa she/her


Michael Colbert he/him

Michael Colbert loves coffee (his favorites are Costa Rican and Ethiopian) and horror films (his favorites are Candyman and Silence of the Lambs). He is an MFA candidate in fiction at UNC Wilmington, and his writing appears or is forthcoming in Barrelhouse, Southern Humanities Review, and Avidly, among others.

Twitter: @mjcolbert16


Michelle Tsiakaros she/her


Mitchell G. Johnson he/him

Instagram: @mgjohns


Naomi Clements Gettman she/her

Naomi Clements Gettman is a 23 year old living in Los Angeles. While she does not have any published works, she often writes and creates for fun.

Twitter: @IndieEligible

Molly ESavard she/her

Molly Savard is queer writer, cynical optimist, and 800-year-old millennial who has written for Slate, Vice, Shondaland, and more. She's interested in questioning (and tearing down) the systems and structures that shape our lives. She was raised by mail carriers in Manville, Rhode Island and lives in Los Angeles with every stray animal that’s shown up at her door.

Twitter: @mollysavard


Naser Alazari he/him

Instagram: @nalazarius

Samsoun any pronouns

Samsoun is a Lebanese-American transgender artist from Boston, MA.

Instagram: @hisamsoun

Eric Bryan he/him

Based in southern California, Eric has passionately pursued art since childhood; spending many years painting and sketching before settling on monochrome photography.


Johnny Millar he/him


Sara Sgarlata she/her


Yvette Lopez she/her


C.J. Applegate he/him

C. J. Applegate's work has appeared on Hidden Remote, a number of pro wrestling websites, and several small-town newspaper front pages. He isn't sure where his story is going, but the chapters are sure to be adventurous.


Al Hefner she/her