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whoever drew the cheshire cat must have kept losing his crayons and so he just started picking new ones up. are four shades of purple really necessary? come on disney, stop hiring the crayon eaters.

on top of that, there were so many small details that never translate well to the cake pan.

solution: nix the unimportant stuff. no claws. no whiskers. no eyebrows. suck on that, crayon eater.

overall, this might have been my most challenging cake to date.

TOTAL DECORATING TIME (minus running to hobby lobby in the rain to get a #3 tip): 3.5 hours

happy baking,
sassy badger


the cheshire cat

Since my very first birthday, I have watched my mom not only bake, but also decorate every single one of my cakes. The recipe is always from the box. The decorations are always her own mix of imagination, patience, and pop culture. I learned from her, starting in elementary school, but it was nothing to write home about until I got to college. And then I literally decided to write home about it. I created my Sassy Badger Cake Baker blog my junior year as a way to combine two of my creative pursuits: cakes and writing. Both which I'd rarely shared outside of my innermost circle. I wanted to test my confidence, my comedy, my creativity. The "chesire cat" was my very first post. The blog has come a long way since then, my cake decorating skills have only come a short way, and the recipe has always stayed exactly the same -- from the box. You can find more cakes at:

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