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Pick Me, Choose Me, Marry Me

Published or not, this poem tells my love story from the past two years and will be used to compliment a *promise* I plan to make for the end of this year. Should I decide to *overthrow* my fears, I might share it on social media as a public coming out party. I haven't written much poetry in the past, but I'm pouring everything I have into making this proposal as special as possible. (Yes, I used a Meredith Grey-esque monologue to ask him out, so it's only fitting I follow it up with something grander.)

Poetry crafted on my computer's Notes app

Three buildings down,

Your safe space became mine.

Nine months later,

Moving in together became fine.


Life threw us every curveball,

But our bond grew stronger.

And thanks to 2020,

Living together became no longer.


Maybe we don’t need that safe space now,

It was a little cursed anyway.

We have to find it in each other,

665 miles away.


That “home is where the heart is” bullshit,

may not be so bull-shitty after all.

What we went through this year...

We will never forget the fall.


I didn’t imagine falling,

For someone the world didn’t know.

But my world, you have become,

So our love can only grow.


We aren’t for the world to watch,

I am learning this each day.

So as long as I have you,

Here is what I’ll say:


Through hell and high-water,

You have picked and chosen “we.”

My dearly beloved,

Will you marry me?

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