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Things We Thought We'd Seen the Last Of

Poetry with meme


lolcat                    sourdough                    baby shark                                                   rickrolling–

dammit                              carole baskin dancing free                          the dream of the nineties

the eighties         the early aughts                         spongebob memes                    those essays on my grandmother         smokey bear–we need you now              buzzcuts in my boyfriend’s bathroom                                                     twitter hot takes                                               climate fires, we were waiting for you     masterpiece cake              the nineties          the early aughts

shia labeouf                       reality tv                       tlc                                                      jon & kate

their eight              ring pops         razor scooters               roller-skates and rattails still a no-go even on shia labeouf                     clickbait                   email chains                             rickrolling

the eighties                     slasher movies               jamie lee curtis                                halloween horror                     return of the repressed    let’s talk about freud                                   oh shit,

is this about my grandmother                  go bags                                                  pumpkin spice

trolls, the dolls at the hipster café              trolls, the people                                    mayonnaise, the instrument                   another go bag we’re in the greek alphabet                     sourdough

hurricane alpha                 fires                    fires                 witchy season                  did you get my spongebob reference?             let’s take it to twitter         another hot take              another fire to avoid                       surprise.                       did you really think you’d seen the last of me

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