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Sara Untitled


Tonight I saw the most amazing thing. It was a shooting star. But it was no ordinary shooting star. It was massive and inspiring and beautiful. It eclipsed any star I have seen before it and as it whistled into oblivion, as it misted into the night sky, its tail shown a bright green, like a firework falling from the clouds. A brief moment in the sky, peaking and quickly fading into nothing, dying. It made me realize how important a moment is, how delicate it can be, and at the same time, how futile it is to have so much beauty for just one moment only to see it disappear after only a glance at its wonder. That while other stars will have their moment, none of them will come close to the impact or the emotion that this one elicits -- none will shine as bright. I know how insignificant this is; how minute a moment can be, but when it's all one has, a moment is the only significance. 

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