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Love Is Good, Actually


I think myself possessive with an all too awkward heart

Need is just a selfish thing that tears the world apart

It is ugly, small, and messy, and should be swept aside

We should all be cautious when that feeling springs to life


It is unfair to ask for more when others suffer worse

To do every favor asked of me is something I’ve rehearsed

After all it’s more important to give than to receive

It is easier to soldier on than admit that I, too, need


I shrink away in shame when I see in my own depths

A chasm full of longing that strains at being kept

Stowed away and hidden behind a smile broad and wide

Maybe what this calls for is a reframing of the mind


From now on my need is valiant and something full of beauty

I am worth more than what I give to everyone around me

“I deserve love, too,” is my mantra from now on

Somewhere out there is a place where my need belongs


From now on when the chasm echoes a desperate “please, choose me”

I will not be scared of how it yearns for something sweet

I will not feel bad about my possessive, awkward heart

My thoughts and words and actions will no longer be apart


Not only will I need someone, but someone will need me

Together we will have the strength to face all uncertainties

This power I give unto myself: to embrace all that I am

A return of all I have put out, both warrior and lamb

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