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Not half, but whole.

I've been through so many toxic relationships refusing to stand up for myself. This is about my realization that I am not broken and searching for another half. But rather full and self-affirming.

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70's scream queen 
Blue jean baby
Floating through life
Pretending I'm crazy

Hiding behind a mask of emotion
Not daring to say or cast my devotion
But I hide behind these trees
The one who makes me blossom

Lovers float by
So many times
All the ones I thought were "the one"

But now I have found you

You look nothing like I expected
Fore you are me
A direct reflection
I am my other half
To make me whole
I need to lay with my heart
Until we finally beat as one

I need nothing outside of this skin
To fall as deeply in love with myself
As I am

I don't even think it is possible
To feel the intensity I hold
In regards to my delectable mind

I do not open up because others simply do not understand
It is too much effort
To explain the poetry
That flows out of my blood
Spills off my tongue

This is my song
                              for the ages

I am bored of pretending to find "the one" in other
and writing puppy-sick love songs
As if I am devoted to anyone
More than myself

Now I can see

I lay at my own feet
I am the worshipper and the worshipped
Why should I be anything less?

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